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Plant Survey

The Langford Heathfield Recording Project

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Since the Somerset Wildlife Trust acquired Langford Heathfield in 1982 there have, of course, been many surveys of its plants and animals, so that management can be based on information about what is there.

But in 2012 I decided to do something different. I wanted a reason to spend more time up there, I wanted to learn more about its plants and I wanted to involve more people in a recording project. My survey made no attempt to list the 250 or so plants which grow there, (as a proper botanical survey would) but concentrated on 50 or so fairly easily recognisable ones. And because the technology on my mobile phone enabled me to locate these plants, I was able to make maps of where they grew. We added some more in 2013, but then other things seemed to take priority. I know that our unconventional survey will be of use to the SWT, especially if I, or someone else can repeat it in a few years’ time.

If you want to see the maps, or find out more, see my website which has a link below.

If you've found a flower that you can't identify this part might help you. Or send me a photo and I might be able to help.

In June 2014 we had a different project: counting the spotted - orchids in the big pony field. With the help of volunteers over 6,000 were counted and a bit of statistical wizardry estimated over 10,000 on the whole reserve. Full details on the SWT website

For more plant species and information please go to

Christine Loudon